Friday, August 4, 2017

The Importance of Hiring a Roofing Contractor Who Specializes in Commercial Roofing

A new roof for your home or business is a huge undertaking, so selecting a roofing contractor should be done thoroughly and carefully. While all roofing contractors undergo important certifications and training, it is important to note that there are a few distinct differences between residential and commercial roof experts. When it comes to roofing for your commercial building, you’ll want to ensure that you hire a commercial roofing contractor to get the job completed efficiently and effectively. Keeping reading this blog post for more information on the importance of hiring a roofing contractor who specializes in commercial roofing.

They use the right materials:  Commercial roofs are generally much larger than residential roofs, and therefore require a larger quantity of, and different kinds of, roofing material. Selecting materials for a commercial roof is determined by the roof’s slope, occupancy (what the building is used for), and the climate and weather conditions of the area. A commercial roofing contractor will take all of these factors into account when selecting material for your commercial roof.

They understand weight and building codes: Your commercial building likely has certain building codes that need to be met during construction, as well as ones that your roof will need to meet or exceed once it is completed. Additionally, your commercial building may have heavy HVAC and other equipment on the roof which your roofer will need to take into account during design and construction. A commercial roofing expert is familiar with building codes in your area, and understands the damage that equipment can do to your roof if not properly addressed and accounted for.

They have the proper licensing: Believe it or not, a residential roofer may not even be qualified to handle your commercial roofing needs! Commercial work requires specific training and licenses, to ensure that all of the information mentioned above is basic knowledge to a roofing professional that works on commercial buildings. These regulations help to prevent damage and unnecessary repairs to commercial buildings, in turn keeping employees, residents, and equipment safe.

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