Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How to Determine if Your Roof Should be Repaired, Patched, or Replaced

The roof on your commercial building has seen better days, but it’s only been a few years since you last replaced it; could it already be time to replace it again? 

It can be challenging to determine how much work your roof requires and whether it is best to make simple repairs or replace the entire thing. While a professional inspection of your roof is the only way to determine the best course of action, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to prepare you for the best way to mend your roof. 

The term “patched” is commonly used to refer to covering holes or other damage on your roof and can be very effective in certain situations. Placing patches on punctures or tears in the membrane will work fine when you have only a handful of areas that have been damaged. If your roof is beginning to develop leaks and holes, especially if this is affecting the interior of your building, it may make sense to patch them until your roof can be properly attended to; however this is not an adequate long term solution. When there are more than just a few areas that need to be repaired, you’ll need to do a cost analysis to determine if repairing or replacing is what’s best as a long term solution. 

The third option for fixing your roof is what is referred to as a retrofit. A retrofit is a when a new roof is placed over your existing roof, making it stronger, more efficient, and takes care of any existing damage. 

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