Monday, September 10, 2018

The Importance of Commercial Roofing Insulation

For improved energy efficiency and temperature control in your building, commercial roofing insulation is necessary. Roofing insulation is a critical piece of every roofing system and is installed between the structural roof deck and roof membrane. The bigger a building is, the more it is impacted by insulation, making proper insulation extremely important for commercial and industrial buildings. A poorly insulated roof causes higher energy bills because your HVAC system needs to be constantly running to maintain your indoor comfort.

Here are some reasons why roofing insulation is important:

  • Energy & Cost Efficiency: A properly insulated roof can regulate heating and cooling costs, helping business owners save on energy costs. Like the insulation in your walls, your roof’s insulation works to keep the heating and cooling you pay for inside. The better your roof’s insulation, the more energy efficient your building will be.
  • Extra Layer of Protection: If a roof is not insulated properly condensation can form under the roof membrane and can cause a whole slew of moisture problems, such as mold and a rotted out roof deck. Roofing insulation acts as an extra barrier to protect your roof from condensation by regulating the temperature internally.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: Insulation is an essential factor in minimizing your property’s carbon footprint because it saves energy. By insulating your roof, your building is naturally regulating its temperature, rather than having to resort to unnecessary artificial heating and cooling.

Matrix Roofing, among the most trusted commercial roofing contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region, will work with you to determine the roofing needs that are right for your building and your budget. If you’re interested in learning more about commercial roofing insulation, please give us a call today!