Friday, October 26, 2018

Identification of Commercial Roofing Stains

Commercial roofing stains can happen for a variety of reasons, and here we will explain those reasons with some detail that will help you to gain a better understanding. For instance, noticing the stain color, its location, and the stain in relation to your roof’s conditions (shading, nearby trees, debris, roofing materials) will usually lead to a quick diagnosis of the cause for the stain. 

Flat roofs have the tendency to collect water from rain, which can lead to potential issues, such as the buildup of unattractive algae and stains. To avoid these types of stains, it’s important to remove any standing water from the top of your building’s roof. Additionally, if you notice red or brown stains on your metal roof surfaces, it is most likely rust staining. Expect to see rust stains only around and below rusting metal components on a roof.

It’s important to ensure that the trees around your building are properly trimmed to safeguard your roof from fallen branches, leaves, and debris. Trust us when we say that you don’t want leaves and debris accumulating on your roof, because it can cause cosmetic staining, long term wear, and leaks below the debris. Having that said, it is important that you protect your gutters by trimming back branches that have pine needles or leaves.

A simple roof cleaning (once a year!) will help to keep the dirt and other visible elements from making your roof look dirty, moldy, or discolored to the naked eye. Contact Matrix Roofing today! From there, we can help to identify and resolve your commercial roofing stains.