Monday, January 8, 2018

How Often Should Commercial Roofing be Inspected?

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your commercial roof, and when it comes to your business and roofing you can’t take any changes as it pertains to your residents, employees or building equipment. This is why it’s so important to ensure that your commercial roof is in good working order and condition at all times.

We often receive questions about how often you should have your commercial roof inspected. The most important thing to consider if safety, and you can never truly be too safe. This blog will highlight when to have your commercial roof examined by a roofing professional and how often you should expect to have it inspected.

The rule of thumb in the roofing industry is to have your commercial grade roof inspected twice a year. We highly recommend an inspection during the spring and fall, before the extreme weather seasons. It’s generally easier to schedule roofing inspections during these times, and also in between seasons where your roof sees the most wear and tear. Of course, if it has been over six months since your last inspection, we highly recommend scheduling an inspection now rather than waiting for the end of the winter season.

If you have direct access to your roof, it might be tempting to complete a roofing inspection on your home. While it’s good to keep an eye out for obvious structural damage, nearby tree branches or pole wiring that could come in contact with your roof, a full roofing inspection is an in-depth and detailed process that requires a roofing professional. They can adequately and professional evaluate your roof, determine if any repairs or replacement need to be made, all while keeping you out of harms way.

If you have any questions or if it’s time for your biannual roofing inspection, click here to visit our website.