Thursday, March 15, 2018

Why Your Roof Could Use a Post Winter Check-Up

Now that winter is slowly coming to an end and the snow is melting, make it a priority of spring-cleaning business to check on how your roof fared through the colder months. Damages that might have been caused by snow, ice, wind, and cold temperatures can lead to major problems and costly repairs for you in the future! You want to inspect for obvious signs of damage like punctures in the roof membrane from falling tree limbs, and if you spot any major wear and tear, you might want to bring in a professional roofer. Here at Matrix Roofing Systems, Inc., we will make sure to maximize your roofs life expectancy and ensure the physical integrity of it.

There are a few important things to remember when it comes to post winter inspection of your commercial roof.
  • During the winter season, the weight of snow and ice can damage your roof and even cause damage to the interior of your business.  Damage to your roof can include punctured or torn roof membrane. If you’ve noticed water spots on your ceiling, it could potentially be from a roof leak. These are issues that should be addressed immediately to determine if you need a roof repair or a complete replacement.
  • Now is a perfect time to clear debris, leaves, and tree branches from your gutters and roof, so they can properly do their jobs during the rainy spring season. Loose objects, especially heavy ones, can tear through or seriously damage your roof’s membrane, so it’s important to get all debris removed Clogged gutters and scuppers can cause various problems like ice dams which cause damage to not only the gutters but also the life expectancy of your roof. Make sure to clean out your gutters and scuppers manually to avoid clogging the downspout, and then use your hose to flush out remaining residue.
Remember, safety is the number one priority, so call Matrix Roofing Systems, Inc. to set up an inspection of you roof. We’ll provide a thorough inspection and give you piece of mind that nothing was overlooked!