Friday, April 20, 2018

The Importance of Roof Coatings

Adding a roof coating is an important aspect to consider when repairing and maintaining your roof. Over the years, your roof will develop some wear and tear, and a roof coating is an attractive and cost-effective option when this happens - instead of doing an entire roof replacement. They are a great way to keep your roof in shape and to prevent wear and tear from occurring in the first place.

A coating will protect the roof of your building from adverse weather and physical damage that can be caused by water, smoke, or dust. This will reduce maintenance costs and avoid completely re-roofing your building. Roof coatings also have benefits to energy use and the environment. Depending on the type, certain coatings are capable of reflecting light and UV radiation, which will lower interior temperatures. This can help reduce energy costs for your building!  However, different coating products can offer a combination of features to meet your roofing needs. 

Some of these features include:
  • Elastomeric properties: This is the ability to expand and contract with temperature changes. For example, under extreme temperature changes an inflexible coating could crack leading to roofing issues.
  • Chemical resistance: Choosing a coating material with chemical resistance can be beneficial because you’ll have peace of mind that your roof will be resistant to any chemicals. This type of coating is rust resistant and can be fire resistant.
  • Waterproofing: The type of moisture in your climate and the slope of your roof come into consideration when choosing the right coating. Certain coatings can protect your building from moisture and can resist penetration from standing water if you live in a moister climate.

Various types of roof coatings are available to choose from, but there are multiple factors to consider before choosing one such as location, slope, heat, and UV rays. Many coatings are intended for use on specific roof types, and their application can depend on climate. Call Matrix Roofing to help you decide which roof coating would work best for your building!

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